Why is Google Chrome Not Clearing the Cache?

Google chrome world’s fastest web browser. Chrome gives the best presentation to suffering the internet. Cookies and browser caches are formed by more than a few websites that were visited by a computer user. Cache problems happen and make your Pc slow down. After clearing caches in chrome browser, this makes it too simple to browse the web internet surf.

How to clear Google chrome cache –

• Firstly open the chrome web browser.

• Click on the on a right-hand side tool bar of a Google chrome web browser.

• Then select an opt to clear browsing data.

• Under the box labeled as clear browsing data, hit on the check boxes as for cookies and on the additional site, it’s plug-in data and cached images or files.

• After that select the menu that is on the top to pick the amount of a data that a user needs deleting. Remove all caches from its beginning of time to delete all.

• Now click to clear its browsing data.

If you cannot do it manually then contact Google customer service 24/7 phone number and discuss your issues. The expert team solves your problems in a few seconds. They are also capable of solving your issues. They solve your problems one by one. If you need urgent help then contact Google customer care number and resolve your issues instantly.